Payment Policy
GREAT LIFE Counseling Center services are range in price from $100/hour-$250/hour for private pay, depending on modality of service, time slot availability, & the level of clinician expertise or experience.

Full payment of fees or co-payments are due by the end of each session/service.  GREAT LIFE Counseling Center accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards (i.e., Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express).  Clients & third party payers are welcome to pay in advance for sessions/services by clicking on the ‘Secure Invoice Payments’ tab and completing the form.  All GREAT LIFE Counseling Center clinicians are credentialed Blue Cross Blue Shield providers.

Out-of-Network Insurance Reimbursements
GREAT LIFE Counseling Center clinicians are out-of-network providers for all insurance carriers, except Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO.  GREAT LIFE Counseling Center provides the necessary paperwork for insurance reimbursement through our electronic health records system, TherapyAppointment.  Clients can download the information using their TherapyAppointment profile.

Depending upon the type of out-of-network coverage purchased by their employer, clients are usually reimbursed at least 50% and as much as 90% of their session fees once they have met their deductible.

Prior to initial appointments, clients should contact their insurance provider to inquire about or verify their deductible and BCBS network coverage (including amount of copay) or reimbursement rate for outpatient psychotherapy by an out of network  provider.

For example:
“Psychotherapy with Patient and/or Family Member” (CPT Code 90837)
by an
“Out of Network Provider”

If you use that terminology, they should be able to provide specific information regarding out of network reimbursement. Please do not hesitate to email or call your clinician regarding any questions or concerns about our policies or paperwork.

Group Psychotherapy Paperwork
Group Therapy Paperwork

​​​​HIPAA Privacy Rule and Sharing Info Related to Mental Health

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