Postdoctoral Fellowship/Early Career Psychologist Opportunities

Great Life Counseling Center is offering a unique group private practice opportunity to 4 gifted & motivated postdoctoral fellows and/or early career psychologists! Great Life Counseling Center (GLCC) is a private counseling center based in Addison, TX and soon expanding to a second office in the Plano/Frisco area.  GLCC provides a variety of psychological services including specialties in marriage/couples, child/family issues, psychological assessment, faith and existential exploration, relational/emotional trauma, and individual adjustment or life transitions.  Selected candidates will be offered a 2-year 1099 independent contractor agreement to build a private practice business within the infrastructure or guidelines of the Great Life Counseling Center platform. 


Applicants interested in building their early career and contributing to the long-term growth of GLCC are very much preferred.  Regardless of the long-term fit, this postdoctoral training experience will provide a lot of training on the business of private practice and postdocs will be equipped to successfully launch their own solo practice following the completion of their contract with GLCC.


Responsibilities and Duties
The group’s mission statement is ‘to strengthen relationships and enhance lives fostering healthier families and communities.’  In pursuit of this mission, the members of the group share a common interest in working with families, doing outreach or networking in the community, and collaborating with other members of the team.  To increase collaboration efforts, every member of the team specializes in or at least shares a strong interest in working with couples and/or kids & their parents. 


The selected candidates must be self-starters with a desire to learn how to build and maintain a full time (i.e., 25-30 scheduled clinical hours/week) private practice with an interest in a caseload that will be largely composed of work with couples and/or children (i.e., at least 40%). While psychotherapy is the primary modality of treatment, first year GLCC clinicians are expected to have sufficient training to integrate psychological assessment tools into their psychotherapy work and a portion of their clinical hours must be allocated to comprehensive child and adult assessments as well. Networking and public speaking are also important skills for business development. Thus, solid skills or, at least, an interest in growing in these areas is required.


The postdoctoral fellowship opportunity will start with a half day orientation on August 19, 2022.  All GLCC clinicians are expected to demonstrate an eagerness to learn and contribute to the success of the group as a whole while independently attending to the details of developing & maintaining a full practice (i.e., managing caseload, administrative duties/projects, and schedule for getting things done). GLCC postdoctoral fellows and early career psychologists must strive to schedule 25-30 clinical hours per week plus at least two hours per week of marketing/networking.  In addition to their psychotherapy caseload, first year GLCC postdocs may be assigned 1-2 comprehensive assessments per month, they are expected to co-lead practicum group supervision meetings each week, they expected to actively participate in GLCC’s weekly consultation meetings, and they are expected to be respond promptly (i.e., within one business day) to client inquiries. Monthly compensation varies based on productivity and the contracted percentage of the total revenue collected.  First year postdoctoral fellows are initially paid with a stipend base of $2500 for the first 6 months plus commission.  Based on the past few years, a conservative range of income for GLCC postdoctoral fellows in their first contract year is $55-70k and $75-90k is a conservative first year range for early career psychologists.


Qualifications and Skills

Applicants must have earned or be in the process of completing their doctorate degree in psychology from an APA accredited program. Strong writing skills and a background in child and adult psychological assessment (cognitive, adaptive, LD/ADHD evaluations, career assessments, etc.) is required, as is the ability to learn quickly and integrate new information and techniques.  Experience and interest in cultural diversity and trauma is preferred. Due to the collaborative nature of the group and expectation to do clinical work from the office, all GLCC clinicians will be required to undergo weekly COVID testing (at their own expense) unless they can provide proof of full vaccination.  Telecommuting is encouraged whenever a clinician thinks they have contracted a potentially contagious illness (including but not limited to the COVID-19 virus).  However, all clinicians are expected to consistently provide clinical services from the office.


Complete applications will include the following information:
*Your cv/resume;
*3 letters of reference from current or former clinical supervisors
*A cover letter discussing your background and interest in Great Life Counseling Center.  

* Two redacted assessment reports (one child and one adult) are preferred but not required.


We are particularly interested to learn about your passion for clinical work and how GLCC’s mission aligns with your vision for your career. Therefore, please address the following questions in your cover letter:

> Please describe your career goals/aspirations for the next 5 years and how being a part of this type of family private practice group fits into your goals.

> Please describe your passion for clinical work and, without using identifying information, please describe a challenging clinical or professional experience that has aided your professional development.

>At GLCC, we are passionate about our work and we want associates to genuinely enjoy coming into the office to serve their clients and collaborate with other members of the team.  Please describe the energy you tend to bring to an office environment.

> Please describe your training and interest in supervising, consulting, and developing others.  


* The deadline for Postdoctoral Fellowship applications is 1/31/2022.  For Early Career Psychologists, the opportunity will remain available until all vacancies are filled.


Please email a letter of interest to Kevin C. Lambert, Psy.D., MBA (Executive Director/Licensed Psychologist) at and/or Nikki Stillo, Ph.D. (Training Director/Licensed Psychologist) at as soon as possible so we know to look for the rest of your application.


* 4-5 1099 Contractor openings (i.e., at least 2 openings will be available at each office location)
* Must have a doctorate degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) from an APA accredited program with experience or strong interest in couples therapy and/or child & family work.

* Due to the collaborative nature of the group and expectation to do clinical work from the office, all GLCC clinicians will be required to undergo weekly COVID testing (at their own expense) unless they can provide proof of full vaccination.
* Monthly compensation varies based on the clinician’s productivity and the percentage of collected revenue due to the clinician.  Postdoctoral Fellows are compensated with a stipend base of $2500 for the first 6 months plus commission to ease their transition into private practice.

* Please submit your letter of interest to Dr. Lambert and/or Dr. Stillo as soon as possible.


Great Life Counseling Center (GLCC) is a group private practice specializing in couples therapy, child/family issues, faith and existential exploration, relational/emotional trauma, and individual adjustment or life transitions.  The group’s mission is ‘to strengthen relationships and enhance lives fostering healthier families and communities.’  Our staff shares a commitment to providing culturally competent care with diverse populations, active involvement in the community, and ongoing pursuit of continued education and development.

Practicum Opportunities

GLCC is committed to providing quality training opportunities for doctoral (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) students in their 3rd or 4th year of practicum and interested in furthering their training in the following areas:  individual adult psychotherapy, marital/couples therapy, child/family therapy, and/or psychological assessment in a private practice setting.  Practicum students will participate in weekly individual and group supervision as well as weekly staff meetings, case consultations, and didactic seminars.  Additional supervision experiences are available as needed and/or desired (e.g., couples co-therapy, specialized assessments, play therapy, and group psychotherapy).  Practicum students also receive substantial training regarding the business aspects of private practice throughout the training year.

Student Responsibilities

Prospective students are expected to have completed courses covering assessment, introduction to psychotherapy, psychopathology, and ethics.   Advanced coursework in child, adolescent, couples, and/or family therapy is preferred, but not required.

Practicum students typically complete 12-month placements, working approximately 20-25 hours per week.  GLCC practicum students are expected to schedule 12-15 clinical hours per week and at least 40% of their clinical time must be evening (after 5pm) or Saturday hours.  In addition to weekly individual supervision (minimum of 1 hour per week) and group supervision (1 hour per week), practicum students are expected to attend staff case consultations and didactic trainings held weekly on Thursdays from 1pm-3pm.  

How to apply

Interested students should submit a letter of interest and CV to the Director of Training and/or the Practicum Coordinator:  Nikki Stillo, PhD ( and/or Roger Giovino, Psy.D. (  Please include a list of coursework completed.  Students will be asked to interview with members of the Training Committee prior to selection.

*Depending on University departmental policies, practicum trainees may be compensated*